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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2025 and 2026

Dia de San Valentin, or Saint Valentine’s Day, is an observance in Mexico as in many other nations around the world. It falls on 14 February and is a day associated with love and friendship.

202514 FebFriValentine's Day
202614 FebSatValentine's Day
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While in the US, Valentine’s Day is almost exclusively thought of in terms of romantic relationships, in Mexico, friendships are just as big on this day. There are even roots concerning the value of friendship going back to Aztec times and still expressed through reciting Aztec poetry on Valentine’s Day.

It is customary for people to exchange Valentine’s cards and gifts. Giving red roses, chocolate candies, or stuffed animals to a lover or friend is typical. You may also see red balloons with messages of love printed on them floating through the Mexican skies this time of year. And it is also popular to go out for a special dinner or to spend the day at the beach on Valentine’s Day.

Previous Years

202414 FebWedValentine's Day
202314 FebTueValentine's Day
202214 FebMonValentine's Day
202114 FebSunValentine's Day
202014 FebFriValentine's Day
201914 FebThuValentine's Day