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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2025 and 2026

Constitution Day in Mexico is a holiday every 5 February to commemorate the approval of the Mexican constitution by the Mexican constitutional congress in 1917, signalling an end of an era of grave discrimination, unfair labor laws, and gross inequalities for Mexican citizens.

20253 FebMonConstitution Day
20262 FebMonConstitution Day
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The story of the Mexican Constitution generally begins in 1910 with the Mexican Revolution. This revolution was a both a social and a cultural movement, bringing a plethora of changes to the lives of Mexicans.

It began simply as a rebellion against the president at the time, Porfirio Diaz. A class gap had expanded under the General’s leadership, and the President had no intentions of fixing this issue. The voice of the poor had been on a decline until it was lifted up by a man named Francisco I. Madero. Madero had received education at the University of California as well as in Europe and posed such a threat to Diaz that the President had Madero thrown in jail.

Diaz opposed the spread of democracy in Mexico, but his imprisoning of Madero simply led to the rise of many more leaders across the country. The growing force led to his eventual resignation in May of 1911, following the Treaty of Ciudad Juarez. Madero was elected to presidency in his place, but even that presidency was short lived. After a variety of disputes, a man named Venustiano Carranza eventually rose to power.

It was Venustiano Carranza who organised the convention that led to the signing of the Constitution of 1917, a document that still holds power to this day. The Constitution was important for its land reform, a topic that had caused much of the dispute across Mexico in the preceding years. It established a farm program that helped to redistribute land from the wealthy to the peasants who had struggled to access it. To this day, approximately half of these transferred farmlands are still operating in Mexico.

The Mexican Constitution of 1917 is an impressive document as it was the first of the known world to outline social rights. Because of this, it became a model for comparable documents  of other nations including the Russian Constitution of 1918 and the Weimar Constitution of 1919.

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